Through to studying Dan is actually dating Olivia, Georgina blackmails Vanessa with the seeking crack them upwards

Through to studying Dan is actually dating Olivia, Georgina blackmails Vanessa with the seeking crack them upwards

Year Three

Regarding premier Reversals regarding Luck, Dan, Rufus, Eric, and Jenny get back off their june regarding the Hamptons. Dan suits up with Vanessa, exactly who feels he could be are a separate shallow Higher East-sider. Their unique brand new friend Scott encourages their to tell Dan what she believes during the van der Bilt polo fits, and she agrees. Although not, Dan was enabling Blair cure Serena’s stalker Carter Baizen, and you may brushes her away from. To the first-day of NYU, Dan immediately fits in and you may tends to make the fresh family relations. Blair, who’s computed so you’re able to code the school, requires him when deciding to take their own to Georgina’s roof class. The guy does, however, easily finds out it was a mistake when Blair humiliates Georgina in front of everyone. Dan sticks up to have Georgina, and you may increases far more prominence. After the night time, he ends up resting with her (The fresh Freshmen). Yet not after, the guy tells her he is not trying to find their particular. Immediately following becoming denied, she finds out you to Scott try Rufus and Lily’s young buck; and you will departs to check out your so you’re able to Boston (New Forgotten Boy). Inside Dan de- Fleurette, Dan meets Olivia Burke, a well-known celebrity exactly who he cannot accept. At her motion picture premiere, he understands whom she is however, decides he loves her also far to get rid of anything with her.

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When Dan captures their unique, she admits one to she understands that Scott are their own aunt. Meanwhile, Rufus and you can Lily are thinking its marriage for the next go out and you will Vanessa tells Dan to hold Georgina out of for as long as possible. The guy pretends to want an alternative options with her, however, she figures out he is lying. Towards the big day, she brings Scott so you can area and you can suggests his term to help you Rufus and you can Lily. Even with their unique scheming, Rufus and Lily satisfy Scott, and marry within attic (Rufus Marriage). While in the Mothers Weekend, Vanessa desires provide the Freshman Toast however, finds out she is the second choice at the rear of Olivia. To locate their unique from the picture, she tells Olivia one to Dan was embarrassed to introduce their particular so you’re able to his moms and dads, and you may she tells Dan one to Olivia try nervous on the meeting his parents. They feel their own, until the restaurants once they ascertain Vanessa played all of them (Enough On Eve). At the same time, Serena has taken a position having Olivia’s publicist KC, and you may wanting to help make Chuck’s party a survival, she asks Olivia simply to walk the brand new red-carpet together with her ex Patrick Roberts. Olivia agrees, however, Dan are uneasy as the he could be seen its sex scenes and you can is aware of the earlier matchmaking. If the group was broken up on account of an artificial alcoholic beverages licenses, it show the link to this new drive (How to Achieve Bassness). Once good Jimmy Fallon appearance, Olivia tells a narrative on her date that is first having Dan, and how the guy came back on restroom within one-point with his clothing to the in reverse, stating a spider mounted in to the. Jimmy dubs Dan “Bathroom Boy”, and you may Olivia tries her hardest to avoid Dan regarding seeing the new interviews. Yet not, he turns out enjoying they even though viewing the newest section, recalls it’s their a month wedding. He brains where you can find package an alternate nights to them (New Father: Region II). When you look at the It Capture Humphreys, Cannot It?, Olivia exists a film venture she can not refuse, so she must log off college or university. So that you can get their unique to remain, Dan and you may Vanessa grab their own accomplish a container set of one thing all children should do. Appropriate, the fresh embarrassing show start to tell you; ultimately causing Vanessa and you will Olivia to battle more than exactly who Dan “belongs” to help you. Olivia confesses in order to Dan that into the operate, he was looking at and you can kissing Vanessa with hobbies the guy never ever had together with her. She trips up with your and you will renders, encouraging to go back next slide (The past Times of Disco Stick).

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